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Santorini unveils all the beauty before you and invites you to exchange vows of eternal love in the most beautiful setting you could ever dream of! Celebrate your wedding day immersed in the amazing beauty of the Santorini caldera and take the first steps of your new life together in a pristine scenery with breath-taking panoramic views to the sea, the volcano and the sunset.

Welcome to one of the top wedding destinations in the world, a gift of the sea and nature for you and your love alone! The first moments of your life together couldn’t be set in a more beautiful, or more romantic setting! Your Rocabella Wedding is not just a wedding, it is an experience made of love, passion and beauty!

The Rocabella Wedding Guide

Once you’ve picked your wedding destination, planning your wedding is easy and effortless, with the expert help of the people of Rocabella Weddings. To us, utter happiness comes in six simple steps, six steps you will follow under our guidance to create the Santorini wedding of your dreams.

Leave all the details to the hands of our professional planners; then all that is left is for you to have the best time of your life in Santorini!

Select your Venue and Book your Wedding Date
Choose your Theme
Relax and Stay
Signed, Sealed and Delivered
Check and Tick
Welcome to Paradise

Discover our Romantic Venues

Choose among four exquisite weddings venues, each with its own distinct characteristics, and all ready to highlight your personal style through a ceremony that brings all your dreams to life!