Pre & Post Wedding Events

It’s more than just a wedding celebration

Unforgettable before and after wedding events

The way we see it at Rocabella Weddings, a truly perfect wedding is a set of different events, before, after as well as during your special day.

    All our special pre-and-after-wedding events, from bachelor’s and bachelorette’s parties to elegant brunch gatherings, have one thing in common: the Rocabella Weddings’ team commitment to create happenings that will remain indelible in your guests’ hearts and yours for a lifetime!

    In Rocabella Weddings, we can take care of all your pre and after wedding events such as:

    • Bachelor’s & Bachelorette’s Parties
    • Rehearsal Dinners
    • Pre and after Wedding Dinners
    • Pre and after Wedding Brunches
    • Unique Private Yacht Cruises