Wedding Guide

Six steps to your fairytale wedding

Six steps lead to happiness; that is all you need to do to reach your dreamy Santorini wedding. If you opt for our in house wedding planning team we will help you plan every step of your wedding so that when your special day arrives, it is everything you wanted it to be - and more. Making the whole process as simple as possible is our philosophy and our six steps to happiness are the key to effective planning and flawless implementation of every single detail while you concentrate on dreaming of your happy future ahead.

Step 1

Select your Venue and Book your Wedding Date

After our initial contact, we will help you choose among our four venues: The Infinity Kiosk, the Infinity Pool Venue, the Exclusive Pool Venue or the Omega 2 Yacht, the one that best suits your desires. Your Santorini wedding begins right now, as you set the date for your special day and select our in house planning team to coordinate your big day!

Wedding Guide

Step 2

Choose your Theme

Secondly, you will be presented with a wide variety of available wedding themes, comprehensive sets of décor and floral arrangements in harmonious color schemes that add an enchanting ambiance to your Santorini wedding. Our aim is to ensure that every single detail reflects your personal style flawlessly, so that we can create the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable celebration.

Wedding Guide

Step 3

Relax and Stay

Take a step back and relax as we plan your stay in Santorini; from the day of your arrival to the final moments of your honeymoon, you and your guests will enjoy every amazing thing Santorini has to offer. Leave it all to us, and we will make sure that you will be free to relish the beauty around you, as well as share unforgettable moments with all your favorite people!

Wedding Guide

Step 4

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Making sure that your marriage is legally formalized is our priority. We will coordinate with you in advance to ensure that all the documentation required for your Santorini wedding is in order so that your special moments are not burdened with last-minute worries about paperwork.

Wedding Guide

Step 5

Check and Tick

As the day approaches, Rocabella Wedding Services will assist you in completing every task on your checklist, and ensure that all essential details are taken care of in time so that, when you do arrive in Santorini you will be nothing left for you to do, other than to enjoy this dreamy destination unruffled and stress-free.

Wedding Guide

Step 6

Welcome to Paradise

Once you arrive, there is nothing left to do than to settle in your elegant accommodations and to celebrate your pre-wedding days! Indulge yourself in the paradisiac beauty of Santorini together with your loved one as the most romantic day of your life approaches, your exquisite Santorini wedding!

Wedding Guide